Man Allegedly Stole Nearly $200,000 to Buy Cat Food

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Well, the accused gentleman does have 120 cats. And that's a lot of cats.

According to Asahi News, Osaka police arrested Mamoru Demizu for repeated counts of suspected thievery. The 48-year-old unemployed man is alleged to have committed 32 robberies, supposedly making off with around 19,200,000 yen or US$186,800. He's alleged to have stolen cash and precious metals from houses.


"I did it to earn money to feed my 120 cats," Demizu confessed.

The man admitted the money was going to feed fish and chicken to his 120 cats. At his home and at a rental warehouse, Demizu has been raising around 20 cats. At a public park, a convenience store parking lot and ten other locations, he's been feeding around one hundred more, with a daily cat food bill of 25,000 yen or US$243.

"Hugging cats is pure bliss," Demizu is quoted as saying.

Demizu has been without a job for two years and supposedly began stealing in September 2012. If these charges are true, that would make this suspect a real cat burglar? Heh.

ネコ120匹の餌代欲しくて窃盗容疑 48歳男を逮捕 [Asahi News]

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So if he's in jail, who will feed the cats now?