Man Allegedly Charges $9,000 in Virtual Money to His Company, Ends Up Arrested

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Over the weekend a Chinese Security guard was caught using company phones overnight to telecharge for virtual currency that can be used with video games. He spent about 60,000 RMB of the company's money.


The 23 year-old security guard from Anhui province, nicknamed "Xiao Zhu", joined the company in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province in February. He made about thousand or so yuan a month on wages from his day shift. Even though he looking hard for other work, he was eventually moved up to the night shift. It was during his time on duty during the night shift that he started having "bad" thoughts.

Zhu decided to use the company fixed telephone lines to charge his own personal QQ account, an account for Tencent services such as email, gaming and messaging. QQ currency is called the Q coin and each Q coin is about 1 RMB. Q coins can also be used in Tencent games. Using over 41 lines in the office, Zhu charged a little over 60,000 Q coins to his account-that's $9,618.

After receiving massive phone bills from the telecom operator, Zhu's company became suspicious. The bills started to pile up and it made absolutely no sense. Originally the company thought there was a corporate spy or saboteur behind the problems, but soon, they realized the money was going into Q Coins that went directly to Zhu's account.

Zhu claimed that he had a gaming addiction and was using the Q Coins to pay for games and gaming gear. Apparently after the Chinese New Year (which was in February) Zhu had run out of money to play his QQ games and needed to get more Q coins. He realized that he could use the company telephones at night to dial telecharge numbers and fill his account with virtual currency. Originally, when he started he only used one or two lines, but after seeing how no one realized what he was doing, he became more bold and started using more.

Currently it is unknown if the company will get their money back, but at least Zhu is in police custody.

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