Man Accused Of Killing Kitten For Unplugging Game Console

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A Virginia man faces charges of misdemeanor animal cruelty and disorderly conduct after allegedly hurling his girlfriend's kitten against the wall after it disconnected the video game he was playing.


Staunton, Virginia authorities were called to the apartment of 21-year-old Bruce Jamar Walston by his girlfriend around 9pm last night. The woman called 911 after Walston, angered that the video game he was playing was disconnected by his girlfriend's new kitten, allegedly picked up the animal and threw it against the wall, killing it.

According to authorities, the incident occurred in front of the woman's children.

Walston is being held without bond at the Middle River Regional Jail in Verona. Prior to this incident he was out on bond in relation to a January breaking and entering charge.

Man accused of killing kitten after it pulled plug on his video game []


You know, I bet he wasn't even doing all that well in the game if he had to throw a kitten over it.

"faces charges of charged with" LOL

Kotaku grammar never ceases to amuse me when it falters. ^_^