Sexy Beach Premium Resort is an open-world adult game. It is also plagued with bugs. That’s not very sexy.

Note: This article contains content that some readers might find objectionable.

On website Eroge Story and Japanese bulletin board 2ch, numerous glitches and technical issues are being reported. Like?

- The camera can spin out of control, causing players to shutdown the game and restart (apparently, this happens when using a game pad instead of a mouse)

- The camera ends up in bizarre angles, making gameplay difficult

- Characters aren’t that different and the game doesn’t have much voice acting

- Massive frame rate issues (between 30 and 40 ftp even on recommended settings and high-spec PCs)

- Freezing Issues

- Characters fall through the ground

- Characters unable to sit in chairs

- Quests apparently have unclear objectives

- Pressing ESC closes the game. Heh

- Some people cannot install the game

- There are even reports that some bugs even make it impossible to access sex scenes. Bad news for a sex game!

And now, for pictures!

[Image: 2ch]


[Image: 2ch]

[Image: Eroge Story]


[Image: Eroge Story]

And so on.

On Amazon Japan, the game currently has 1.5 stars, with numerous players expressing their frustration with Premium Resort. Expect that to continue until everything is fixed with a patch.


Top image: Eroge Story

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