Killzone 2 looks set to be the biggest, loudest thing to yet land on the PS3. But did you know it's so big, and so loud, that Amsterdam's power supply couldn't cope with its development?

Yup. As the game's production drew to a close, developers Guerrilla - who are based in the Dutch capital - saw their team size swell from around 45 employees to around 200. And the poor old power system running through their block in Amsterdam couldn't cope with all the extra juice all those extra computers were sucking down.


So Sony had to fork out for a diesel generator to be brought in, so that Guerilla weren't forced to develop via candlelight and pedal-power. Which was lucky for us, otherwise we'd be left with a game that looked so dark it was developed with the lights out and...oh.

Hollywood voor games aan de Herengracht [de Volksrant]