Making a Butt-Flashing Music Video Sure Looks Easy (and Breezy)

Japanese voice actress Chiaki Takahashi of BlazBlue and The Idolmaster fame is releasing her debut solo single, a cover of club tune "Chupa Rico".

So far, Takahashi has gotten more attention for the song's video. In it, she licks things and shakes her butt. That's also what she does in this making-of clip from her record company.


The making-of video is only 57 seconds long! And, while I've never made a music video in which a game voice actress licks the floor, I figure that if a guy wearing a speedo can do it, then maybe you can, too.

Takahashi's debut single launches on Oct. 5. The single's b-side, "Juicy", refers to her pin-up photo book Juicy Dancing and her sexy DVD Juicy Juicy Juicy.

Check out her Avex music official site. Takahashi's profile page name drops games she's worked on, such as The Idolmaster and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers as well as anime like Bleach.

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Wait, why was that male guy with the camera recording half-way through almost completely naked?

Whatever, this video pretty much encapsulates the most standard drivel "sex sells" mantra that is so pervasive with pop and mainstream rap these days. Yeah yeah, she's pretty with an alright figure....but there is so many versions of this same crap that it's not the least bit entertaining. I don't even care what message the song is about, it's likely another variation on the same topics of relationships or fake rebellion. I'm sick that this crap like this sells.