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Don King is best known for 3 things: His hair, his fights, and his words. Contest time! Tonight!! While we can't get ya to rapidly grow out a Don King hairdo, we CAN get you to make up the best King-inspired words. Magnormous, Pompestuity, Irreprocacious! That's right, Kotaku Readers, invent a Don King inspired word and provide some contextual meaning to it, for example:

Paragantic - SO big, it's beyond gigantic. It's Paragantic!

Go ahead and fill up the comments section with your King creations. We will sort through the entries, post some of the best ones, and Kotakuland will vote for its favorite. The winning phrase will be announced and the creator will get a free copy of Don King Presents Prizefighter. Easy! Comment entries will no longer be accepted after 4pm tomorrow KOTAKU TIME.


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