Make Chiptunes In Your Browser With This Awesome, Simple Sequencer

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It's gotten easier and easier to make chiptune music (or at least, music that sounds like chiptune music), but for the most part, you'll still need to have some sort of digital audio workstation like Logic or Pro Tools.


For those who want to record a simple chip melody without loading up a complicated audio program, there's Pulseboy, a very cool, intuitive sequencer program made by Roger Hicks.

The program, which is endearingly designed to look like the screen of a GameBoy, lets you easily sequence tones, play them back, and quickly bounce them to a .WAV file. It's a snap to use, as demonstrated by Hicks in this video:

You can easily change the waveform of the sound you're getting—I've been messing around with it, and it's really easy to make all kinds of melodies.

Hicks emailed to let us know about Pulseboy, and shared a little bit about what inspired him to create it. He says he was inspired by the online sound-effect maker BXFR and wanted to create something similar for music.

"Before releasing it to the public I found myself using pulseboy whenever I was out and about and didn't have access to my desktop," Hicks writes. "It allowed me to quickly record my ideas without much hassle. I'd just pull up the site anywhere and start creating music. Of course I don't expect anyone to abandon their more advanced/professional music creation tools but this can be used to record simple ideas and introduce beginners to music composition in a tracker based form."

While Pulseboy won't replace Reason or Cubase anytime soon, it's a lot of fun to play around with, and would make for a great tool for game jams, student projects, or really, anyone who just wants to mess around with cool sounds on their computer.



Slightly unrelated and non troll question, what is everyone's current obsession with old school games? I think it's cool that so many people are coming out and making games and doing what they obviously care about instead of flipping burgers for minimum wage, I think that is great. But it seems like everyone and their mother and their mother's cat is an indie dev now making retro games.

I get it, nostalgia, games just aren't as good as they use to be(totally subjective) but so many people are jumping on this "retro" bandwagon with 8/16bit games with the classic tunes to go along with them. That's not to say that they are all bad or good, there are some quality things out there, but everything is becoming so...samey now and I get the feeling people are doing it just because it's the hot and popular thing of the moment and they know they can make money off people's nostalgia. When you think of indie games(atleast the big ones in recent years to become mainstream) they're for the most part, all retro like games.

Can anyone give me a logical explanation or a decent argument as to why this is without jumping to conclusions and blowing up? And before anyone asks, I'm in my 20s so it's not like I completely missed the phase of the older games.