Predator doesn't look so scary when decked out in a frilly skirt, huh?

In the last twenty-four hours, it's become somewhat of a thing online in Japan to put hair scrunchies on figures. You see, the scrunchies look like dresses!


The trend apparently began yesterday, after a 2ch user used a scrunchie to give a bikini wearing figurine a skirt. Since then, it's morphed into giving any figure a skirt. The more interesting ones are the figures you don't usually see in frills.

(Note: Not all the figures below are necessarily bad-ass. That's... okay!)

More and more scrunchie-wearing figurines are popping up on Twitter. The Alien one is only a few hours old, and it's already been retweeted over seven thousand times.

So yes, anyone looks cute in a frilly skirt. Even Predator.

Photos: kanabunbuuuuuun, yakisoban, heisuke666, kanabunbuuuuuun, gampy, bhe_bbo, hyap820, tomo584292, ori_0110, K_MUSI, sail_k


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