Make a "Shooter" Set in the 15th Century And Research Gets a Little Tough

Most developers creating games set in the present day do some amount of research. They go shoot the guns the game will feature, or go drive the cars, take some pictures of the city streets they'll be recreating, that sort of thing.


But what do you do when your game is set in the 15th century? You get creative.

Upcoming medieval "shooter" War of the Roses' developers went to England, took a camera, rented a car, got in armour and beat the shit out of each other, all with the help and guidance of experts.


Helpful for them, and enjoyable for us, as this continues that most surprising of PR traditions, in which the small niche PC strategy publisher makes some of the best pre-release content in the market (see their awesome Crusader Kings II videos for reference).

(via Rock Paper Shotgun)

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Can anyone who has played this game in beta compare it to Mount & Blade Warband? Specifically the controls. That is one of my favorite PC games ever and it would be pretty sweet if this game is on the same level as that one. Especially with the CRPG mod.