Major Nelson Unveils E3 Hub For Xbox 360

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Xbox Live's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has set up an E3-devoted hub with an ongoing blog and video already available to track the adventures of the Xbox 360 at the event. So if you like your E3 coverage with a decidedly Microsoft slant, you can check it out.


Says Major Nelson:

Major Nelson is already lining up exclusive interviews with bigwig industry insiders and TriXie will undoubtedly try to crash a few VIP parties. Video Monkey is ready to bring you the sights and sounds of the show, and our intrepid Inside Xbox game gurus (Ryan and Denny of This Week in Xbox) will be grabbing as many controllers as they can for hands-on impressions of all the hot games. On top of that, look for detailed coverage of the press briefings, exciting new game trailers, and sweeping panoramas from the show floor.


There're plenty of pre-hype vids available already.

[ E3 2008]

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@Sammo21: Agreed. I stopped listening to his podcast a while ago. It was basically just him and "E" talking about how many new gadgets they bought and how expensive their gaming setups were. Ugh.