Major Minor's Majestic March's Majestic Anime Shorts

Wii title Major Minor's Majestic March, the latest music game from PaRappa The Rapper dev NanaOn-Sha, is getting a series of anime shorts.

The music-based game centers around drum major Major Minor as he leads his band. Starting April 19, Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV will be airing animated Major Minor's Majestic March anime shorts until April 23 when publisher Square Enix releases the game in Japan. For those not living in Japan, the anime will stream on the game's official website.


"Square Enix have been fantastic in their support — the anime shorts, promotion video and website have all been beyond our expectations," NanaOn-Sha's Dewi Tanner tells Kotaku. "It goes without saying that we're all looking forward to the launch here in Japan next week."

If the Masaya Matsuura-designed title's visual look is familiar that's because the art was done by Rodney Greenblat, who also did the art for PaRappa and UmJammy Lammy. While PaRappa The Rapper launched an animated series in 2001, NanaOn-Sha is not currently pursuing an anime for Major Minor's Majestic March.

「メジャマジ・マーチ」公式サイトでテレビCM公開。4月19日よりフジテレビ系列にて超短編アニメも放映 [4Gamer via ANN]

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