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The folks that brought you PaRappa the Rapper and UmJammy Lammy (game designer Masaya Matsuura and Rodney Greenblat) have re-teamed for Wii title Major Minor's Majestic March. Guess who's releasing it in Japan?


Square Enix, that's who. Proving that not all Square Enix games are coated in zippers and hairgel, Major Minor's Majestic March follows a young cat from a family of famous drum majors who happens upon a magic baton infused with the spirit of his great-great grandmother. Great!

According to the game's Associate Producer Dewi Tanner, "I can say with confidence that Major Minor is unlike anything you've ever experienced - the obvious appeal of NanaOn-Sha's audio expertise and Rodney's fabulous art amount to quite a ride.
Expect zany character designs (a crocodile in a suit?), awesome music, talking marching batons and stage designs that vary from family-friendly to stern. Truly stern."

The title will be out in Japan April 23. It's not yet dated for elsewhere, but Majesco, not Square Enix, will be publishing in North America. Check out our E3 2008 impressions here.


Square Enix lists the game's genre as "Marching Action." Boy, I hope Marching Action becomes the new FPS.

Meja-Maji March [Square Enix]

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