Maids Entice Young Men to Give Blood

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In Japan, you expect to see maids in cute cafes, slinging coffee and rice omelets. But for two days earlier this week, they popped up in an unexpected location: a blood donation center.


This winter the blood donated for transfusions is short. That's why a center in Fukuyama decided to bring in four young maids in hopes of attracting young men to donate blood.

Besides being able to hang out with maids, donors got free juice or coffee. "Because of their compassionate service, I was able to relax," said a 25-year-old male blood donor.

"In exchange for my blood," said a 26 year-old male blood donor, "I got tons of affection."

On the first day alone, 61 donors showed up—nearly 1.5 times the usual.

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Beau Dazzle

Maybe if Japanese men keep turning up and paying for artificial affection, maybe they ought to be focusing on why they feel they need it in the first place. They go to maid cafes and the like for the feeling of companionship or platonic affection, not necessarily sex. Or maybe this is just the common mindset behind those that desire prostitution services anywhere in the world, but finding a more mainstream, safer outlet in Japan?