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In 2006, the World Series of Poker set a card game record by having 8773 players taking part, all in the one place. That record is under threat next month when Magic’s Grand Prix Las Vegas goes down.


It’s being set up to accommodate 10,000 players. We won’t know if it actually gets that many until it kicks off, but seeing as the current record for MTG attendance is a measly 4500 (at the same event in 2013), it won’t take a full house to make it the biggest Magic: The Gathering game ever.

There’s a catch, though; poker is also lining up a shot at its own record, and as The Daily Dot point out it’s taking place in the same city on the same weekend, at a venue that can hold over 20,000 players.


Maybe records will fall, maybe they won’t, but it’d be a sight to see that many players in one place regardless. And that’s the coolest thing about this! It’s not just 10,000 people going to watch Magic, it’s up to 10,000 people playing it at once.

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