Wherever there is crime you'll find the Green Hornet and Kato, and that includes Zynga's popular social mobster game Mafia Wars, where players can unlock one hell of a ride if they play their clicks right.

Zynga teams up with Sony Pictures Entertainment for the first theatrical tie-in for its hit game Mafia Wars. Between now and the film's release on Friday, January 14, Mafia Wars players have a chance to earn one of seven different Green Hornet-themed items as rewards for completing the game's missions. Items like the gas gun, a mask, a motorcycle, and a Hornet crest.


Once all seven items are collected, the player is rewarded with the ultimate prize: Green Hornet's Black Beauty, the car with tons of firepower and the armor to back it up.

I'll let you folks work on gathering the items. I kicked my Mafia Wars habit a year ago, and not even two of my favorite superheroes will drag me back.