MadWorld To Be Released In The US And...Uh...

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Platinum Games' MadWorld looks great. Really getting the most out of that Wii hardware. Should be a blast! But if you live in Japan, Australia or Germany, be warned: you may be on the outside looking in on this one. While the game is to be aggressively geared towards the American market, it won't - as we've pointed out - even be shown at TGS, and releases in other "sensitive" markets - like Germany and Australia - are "not part of Sega’s strategy right now". Bummer. Best you Germans and us Australians can hope for is that the classification boards go easy on it on the grounds it's "comic" violence. Sega Working Closely With ESRB On Ultra-Violent ‘MadWorld,’ Japanese Release May Not Happen [MTV]


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Darth Tigris

Hmmm. I'm actually kinda offended by this. Almost paints those that live in the US as more depraved than the rest of world, which isn't true. All of those other countries have their fair share of extreme violence loving citizens too.