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Madman Beats Mario 64 Using A Nintendo 64 Mouse

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There are many ways you can complete Super Mario 64, but playing with the rare and official N64 mouse has to rank as one of the worst.

The peripheral—only released in Japan, only for the Nintendo 64DD, and only then alongside copies of Mario Artist: Paint Studio—is just a regular ol’ mouse, meaning that controlling Mario with the precision and grace required is almost impossible.


But not impossible. With frantic mouse swiping serving as analogue movement and only the use of two buttons—A (left click) and B (right click)—Critbox managed to get 70 stars, enough to finish off Bowser and complete the game.


Here’s a supercut vid showing how he did it. And yes, it’s as painful as you’re thinking it is, yet for that same reason, so so good.