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Attention all professional athletes who use Kotaku as your primary news source: if you want to secure the coveted/cursed Madden NFL coverboy spot, you may have to open up those wallets. EA Sports head honcho Peter Moore says, according to a Bloomberg report, that the company is considering selling off the cover treatment to the highest bidder. Don't PayPal the cash yet — the matter is still under internal discussion. Before you throw that yellow flag and foul EA for unsportsmanlike greed, keep in mind that the NFL exclusive licensee is planning on donating proceeds from the cover spot sale to the United Way, the NFL's charity of choice. Moore says that Madden fans don't seem to care whose mug floats over the Madden logo, that EA doesn't see “a huge up-tick or down-tick depending on who's on the cover.” Hmph. We want more Madden covers with Madden himself on the cover. Who will pony up the cash? Electronic Arts May Auction `Madden' Game Cover, President Says [Bloomberg]


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