Madden Bowl Winner Didn't Use A QB, Or Throw A Single Pass

Washington Punter Tress Way
Washington Punter Tress Way
Photo: Al Bello (Getty)

The 2020 Madden Bowl, EA’s big official championship for its long-running football series, was won last week by a player who didn’t throw a pass for the entire tournament, or even put a recognised QB under centre.


If you know football, you will know that is messed up! It’s one thing to favour a running game over a passing game (or vice versa!), but to completely eschew a whole half of a playbook—and have the game let you do it, and then come out a winner—is wild.

As USA Today report, 26-year-old Raidel “Joke” Brito won $65,000 and a solid gold championship belt for taking out the tournament. He did it by building a very strange team: instead of starting with a solid QB and moving out from there, he decided to not draft a QB at all, using the money he saved there to bulk up the rest of his squad.

Lining up under C was...Washington punter Tress Way, and it didn’t matter one bit, as he ran running play after running play after running play on his way to a 17-0 win in the final.

I’ve seen some people using this as an excuse to make fun of Madden, but really, I would rather see it the other way, and argue that in the actual NFL maybe Mitch Wishnowsky needs to be taking some snaps on 1st down this season.

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All the reassurance I need that Madden is hopelessly stupid and broken. I absolutely love football and I haven’t paid for Madden since the 2006/McNabb version (which was incomplete and total garbage next to NFL 2K5, which only cost $20).

Stop paying $60 for roster and uniform updates. This game is not good.