Mad Men's Biggest Dork Guest Stars On You Don't Know Jack

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Part of the fun of the very fun Facebook-anchored version of You Don't Know Jack is that because Jellyvision is constantly adding new questions and content, they can stay current. It also means, apparently, that they can have guest stars.


Today, the company announced that they'll be adding a new "Monthly Special Guest" episode featuring a fabulous! Hollywood! Star! Or… Rich Sommer, the guy who plays the feckless loser Harry Crane on AMC's Mad Men.


Actually, that's pretty great—Sommer has done a good job making Crane one of the saddest jerks on TV, and he's probably a pretty funny guy. The Sommer episode is available now on Facebook.

The next guest star will be noted geek-themed fragrance creator and America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry.

After that? Who knows. If they keep up this string of random TV actors and celebrities, I'm hoping we get the guy who plays Wynn Duffy on Justified.

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Actually if we are talking purely in terms of Mad Men character terms, Aarton Staton/Ken Cosgrove(or cole phelps from l.a noire) is probably the dorkiest character on Mad Men as he actually writes science fiction stories as a hobby. Crane isn't really that much of a sad sack or a dork, he is mostly just goofball asshole.