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Mad Catz's Major League Gaming Controllers Can Change the Way You Play

Illustration for article titled Mad Catzs Major League Gaming Controllers Can Change the Way You Play

With swappable thumb sticks and directional pads, a special compartment for adjusting weight, and a cable that unscrews from the base when not in use, the Mad Catz Official Major League Gaming Pro-Circuit Controller is a serious controller for the serious gamer.


Mad Catz has teamed up with Major League Gaming to create a line of controllers and accessories specifically geared towards big league pro gamers and players that want to feel like them. Gear like the Major League Gaming Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition, the MLG-themed version of the controller that Mad Catz releases every time a new fighting game sneezes. It's an excellent controller, but come on, that's just a paint job. We want something new.

Something like the Official Major League Gaming Pro-Circuit Controller.

It's the sort of controller you keep in its own (included) case until it's time to play. The kind of controller you never wrap your cable around when you're done playing — the braided ProCable unscrews for storage and travel. It's the kind of controller with a cartridge-based weight system built-in, giving players the ability to add or remove up to 70 grams of weight.


Most importantly, it's a modular controller. The thumb sticks and d-pads can be swapped about any way the player choses, courtesy of Mad Catz's trademarked ProModule system. Make your Xbox 360 controller feel like a PlayStation 3 controller, or vice versa. Hey, it's okay. Some gamers need to have the d-pad closer to their tongue. Mad Catz plans on selling special d-pad and thumb stick modules separately in a bevy of custom colors, shapes, and textures.

On top of all of that, the Pro-Circuit Controller features removable top and side plates, giving clans, guilds, and teams an easy way to make sure their signature weapons match.

It's the gaming equivalent of bringing custom-made golf clubs to the green, or only bowling with your lucky ball. You walk into the room, unzip the case, screw in the cord; it's like your very own weapons-strapping action movie scene. It probably requires its own theme song. I want one. I might need one.

The Mad Catz Official Major League Gaming Pro-Circuit Controller ships this year at a price that's likely to be beyond my controller budget. The silly FightStick can be preordered today for $159.99.

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And yet even with all those features, it's an inferior (and far more expensive) control scheme.