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Today on The Singularity Watch: A computer program that can scan the Internet for multiple arguments on a complicated topic, distill the various sides of the debate, and argue both sides against one another.

In this video shared by the Milken Institute, we see a demo of IBM's Watson supercomputer. In addition to being really good at Jeopardy, Watson can help you better understand an internet debate by synthesizing the issue and regurgitating pro/con arguments.


At the 47 minute mark, the computer debates the idea of banning the sale of violent video games to minors. The arguments it lays out may be pretty simplistic, but this is just a start. (I'd suggest it give Jason's article on the subject a glance.)


I guess the assimilation of internet arguing is just one more way that humans will eventually be rendered obsolete by computers. I can picture it now:

Computer Mastermind: Choose, puny human. Choose a topic and I will argue both sides, rendering pathetic mammals like you obsolete once and for all!

Human: I can choose any topic, and you'll argue both sides?

Computer Mastermind: Do your worst. You cannot comprehend the vastness of my intellect.

Human: Very well, I choose: "Which game console is better, the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4?"

Computer Mastermind: [searching arguments] [synthesizing] [searching arguments] [synthesssssss] [ searrrrrrrchhhh]

Human: You doing okay there? I'm seeing some smoke or something.

Computer Mastermind: [rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr] *monitor flashes, goes dim.*

Human: Looks like there are some arguments you still can't quite handle, motherfucker.

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