Machinarium Extends Its Reach To Retail Shelves

Amanita Design's Machinarium, one of the year's most charming (and sadly underrated) PC titles, has previously been available only as a digital download. Next year, however, it'll graduate to a boxed, retail copy.

Mamba Games have picked up the publishing rights to the adventure game, and will release Machinarium to stores next March in the UK and Europe.


As an incentive to opt for the boxed copy, the retail Machinarium will ship with a walkthrough, A3 poster, art book and a copy of the game's excellent soundtrack, composed by Tomas Dvorak (which you can sample here).

It's obviously aimed at capturing new customers, but with a nice box and some enticing goodies, I'm sure a few people who already own - and love - the game will pony up again for a piece of it they can touch.

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