Lunar: The Silver Star Getting PSP Remake

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It's been announced in the latest Famitsu that the PlayStation Portable will be home to the latest upgraded re-release of Game Arts' classic RPG, Lunar: The Silver Star.


First released on the Sega CD all the way back in 1992, the game's already been ported and upgraded several times, for systems as diverse as the Saturn and PC. This latest version, Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star, will feature not only updated visuals, but an all-new user interface, along with new art and new music.

At the moment it's obviously only been confirmed for a Japanese release, but since most other Lunar games have been released in the West sooner or later, fans of the series can have some hope of seeing the title.

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I'll probably buy a PSP if this is released in the US..but seriously guys, we need something new (and not crappy like Dragon Song new). And I must admit, I have played every Lunar game (except Magic School) since the Sega CD versions, and even given Vic's habit of injecting personal opinion and the occasional ribald comment in the games, as long as it didn't interfere with the script too much, I enjoyed the Working Designs version more than the recent GBA remake, primarily because Ubisoft's translation was as bland as unleavened bread.

I always thought it ironic that Working Designs quit working on Sega projects because Vic was upset with Bernie Stolar and the way he felt Sega of America was treating him and his company, then after singing Sony's praises THEY end up biting him in the ass...(sorry, Vic sorta lost a lotta good will on the old NG with his comments on that group shortly after he joined with Sony).