Luke and Leia Use the Force in This First Taste of Angry Birds Star Wars

Now kiss! Rovio doesn't deliver sibling smooching in this first gameplay teaser for Angry Birds Star Wars, but they do give us Lightsaber swinging and pink Force-pulling, so I'll forgive them.


Is it possible for a pair of cartoon birds to possess a smoldering sexual tension? You probably shouldn't answer that. Just enjoy the strangeness of this bizarre crossover, due out November 8 on Android, iOS, PC and Mac.

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Wow, Star Wars is just getting pimped out to everything under the sun.

I mean, I totally understand that it's kind of a thing now to do "what if this franchise was done by another franchise" crossover thing, but Star Wars really takes it to another level. There are good takes on it (The Robot Chicken Star Wars series being hilarious), and then terrible ones (The Family Guy Star Wars series being terrible, even though I like FG, just not the Star Wars episodes).

I alienated a good chunk of acquaintances after I declared the Sci-Fi Fan Wars to be won by Star Trek after seeing the dance portions of Star Wars Kinect. And they will still hold the victory until I see Spock do the running man to Star Trek parodies of terrible music.