Luis Suarez Can't Bite Any FIFA Players Until October 26

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FIFA 15 is out already. And while he's in the game, notorious Uruguayan strike Luis Suarez has had his availability cut to match the suspension he received in the real world for biting during the World Cup.


I never actually tried this, since playing as Barcelona is practically playing the game on auto-pilot, but if you do want to try and use him Eurogamer found he's only available for exhibition matches. Try and use him anywhere else and you get a note saying he's out until October 26, and try and find him in Ultimate Team and he won't even show up.


Which is pretty much exactly the case in the real world.

Luis Suarez real-life football ban extends to FIFA 15 [Eurogamer]

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What kind of dumbass bites people during a game? I would have knocked his teeth in.