Luigi's Death Stare Made A Cameo In Nintendo's E3 Address

Remember this guy? Of course you do. How could you forget a glare so withering?

Luigi's death stare has made some pretty big waves across the internet ever since Mario Kart 8 launched late last month. But this morning, Mario's brother returned home—chilling visage and all—in a guest appearance during Nintendo's E3 address:

Watch out, Reggie! He could be coming for you next.

Also: Do you think this could be a hint for a standalone game starring Luigi in full death stare mode? Nintendo did just say they were giving Captain Toad his own game based on the levels in Super Mario 3D World, after all. I don't know how many Wii U owners could stomach something that terrifying, though.


I love that Nintendo is becoming consumer aware now. I feel like they lacked it a few years ago, now they just keep the ball rolling and it's working for them :)