LucasArts Touts "World Exclusive Announcements" At Comic-Con

Illustration for article titled LucasArts Touts "World Exclusive Announcements" At Comic-Con

Who's hyping its Comic-Con showing now? LucasArts! The publisher of all things Star Wars and Indiana Jones is bringing with it games, creative types and "several world exclusive announcements" to make your visit to the convention worthwhile.


Two games promised to be on hand at LucasArts booth are Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes and LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, with members of the dev team milling about to field your questions.

LucasArts will also be making a Big Deal out of Star Wars: The Old Republic, with a "making of" panel next Friday and trailer showings at its booth through out the weekend.

Most enticing, however, are the announcements that LucasArts is hyping. They'll be making those announcements at the Star Wars Spectacular keynote on Friday, leading us to believe they'll be Star Wars related. Yes, it's a wild hunch, but something just feels right about that.


Sadly...I've been burned far, far too many times by LucasArts to care about this.