LucasArts Massive Reveal: The Liveblog

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LucasArts and BioWare are holding a press event in San Francisco today to reveal their next massively multiplayer online game, known as Star Wars: The Old Republic. The title has already been formally announced as a PC release, a successor to the Knights of the Old Republic role-playing games and not designed as a replacement for Star Wars Galaxies. We're there, liveblogging the midichlorians out of the thing, furiously typing away as if our friends were about to be crushed to death by an Imperial trash compactor if we didn't update fast enough. Hit the jump for the thrilling, up-to-the-second liveblog of the event.Click to view


considering i know nothing of this game except some crappy screen shots i might as well just not even think the game exists.

When i start seeing gameplay, ideas that they are brining to the game that makes something other then Wow:IN SPACE i'll start having interest in it.

But seeing as how 2 screenshots is all they could give me 2 years is my estimate on how long we'll have to wait to see anything like that and i bet 10 bucs they'll be competing with Blizzard's new MMO by that point.