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Once was a day where if you saw the words "Lucasarts" and "Star Wars" on a game box, it'd be an instant purchase. X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Super Star Wars, Dark Forces, Jedi Knight...all solid gold. But then something happened. They started putting out more Star Wars games. And they started to stink up the joint. Sure, a cynic might say that's because, as the dash for Star Wars cash intensified, quality control standards slipped, but Lucasarts have a different answer. They say that because it's "such a great licence", it's "really easy to get excited about that and not set the bar high enough." Whatever lets you sleep at night, guys. That quote's part of an interview with Force Unleashed's Cameron Suey, who swears that FU won't suffer the same fate, but then, that's something we've heard more than once from Lucasarts before. Lack of ambition to blame for previous Star Wars flops, admits LucasArts [Eurogamer] [Image]

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