LucasArts Characters Are Hilarious In This Butt Kicking Tribute

LucasArts might be gone, but the characters from its classic adventure games live on. In YouTube user Felipe Machado's video, the worlds of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and almost everything else LucasArts did in the 90s collide for terrific a mini-adventure.


And their adventure has a rather unexpected cameo at the end...

I'd watch more of these, since the dialogue resembles the original games a bit. And despite the graphics being distinct in each one of these games, Mr. Machado was able to fit them together perfectly.


The Secret of LucasArts - The Crossover Adventure [YouTube]

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Ivan Moore Bacon Wright II

Ok, so what is the most convenient way to play these games today? I loved Maniac Mansion and Fate of Atlantis back in the day. I never did get to experience Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, or Sam & Max... but I've always wanted to.

I want to do this ASAP!