Love Plus Cake Draws Long Lines

It's a Christmas tradition in Japan to eat cake with your loved ones. So here's where Konami's DS love simulator Love Plus comes in.


A special "Love Plus Merry Plumas Campaign" (Plusmas, geddit?) ran at three Tokyo-area cake shops — with each cafe selling a different version of the Love Plus girls, Nene, Rinko and Manaka. The lines at the cake shops stretched over a hundred strong with the special cakes selling out. notes that there were even female Love Plus fans buying cake, too.

The delicious deserts came with a AR card that when used with a web camera would produce the Love Plus lovelies.


販売2時間以上前に完売! 『ラブプラス』ケーキを求める彼氏大集合 - ファミ通.com

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