Love and Hate for the Ghost Recon Online Beta

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For the first time in Speak Up on Kotaku history two commenters involuntarily join forces to present two different views of Ghost Recon Online's beta test. Dante's Advocate loves it. Rampage doesn't. Let's find out why.


First up, Dante's Advocate spreads the love.

So the Ghost Recon Online beta's first night just ended half an hour ago. I got on a late, (12am EST) but was able to have a BLAST playing. The controls are tight, the game plays very fast paced and yet still tactically. The community from my experience is from what I've seen, very nice too. I only have one real nitpick: I'd like to be able to change my class mid-game.


Aside from that, for a free to play game, it plays extremely well. I'm all the more excited for Future Soldier, and to get my fix tomorrow night.

Anyone else get in? Any first impressions?

Why, as a matter of face, we do. Take it, Rampage!

Started the Ghost Recon Online beta last night. I'm not happy with it. Mostly the map design. They are literally one straight line with a cover system. There are basically two giant choke points at the start of each map and you can only go that way. The ability to flank or use an alternate route is nonexistent.

Then there's the design decision of making your character 3rd person but it goes to 1st person when you look down the sights. It makes no sense at all. The extra time it takes to go from 3rd to 1st gets you killed. Sure it's the same for everyone but it's unnecessary in my opinion.

Then there's this thing where if you spot an enemy you can then see their outline behind cover. I don't need nor want built-in wall hacks. What's the point of a cover system if I can see you hiding?! Get rid of it.


I know it's a beta but there's a lot of changes that need to be made before they go full out with this. They definitely need to rethink their map designs and the "wall hack" system of spotting.

I will say though that the cover system works well and the hit detection is pretty good as well as the net code since I didn't lag all that much.


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"Why, as a matter of face, we do."

Matter of fact? Unless I missed the joke.