Lost In Shadow Demo Can Be Found At Best Buy

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Lost in Shadow's innovative shadow play gameplay must be played to be fully appreciated. Luckily Best Buy is hosting demos of the game this week, in plenty of time to get a taste before its January 4 release.


I had almost forgotten that Hudson's Lost in Shadow had won Best Gameplay Mechanic at our 2010 E3 awards. Thank goodness Hudson's PR team was there to remind in today's announcement of in-store demos for the game at select Best Buy locations between now and January 8.

Lost in Shadow sees players controlling a winged sylph known as Spangle. Spangle moves lights in a mysterious tower to create shadow walkways that help the shadowy boy navigate. It's a bit hard to explain. You should probably just play it.

Check out the Best Buy gaming events page to see if the demo is available near you.



I still find it funny how the japanese version had full english text, and it took over 6 months to come over to the US.