Lord Of The Rings: Conquest Gets New DLC, But Is It Too Late?

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Lord of the Rings: Conquest should have been a hit. It's an official LotR product, it's easy to play, it's modelled after the hugely-successful Battlefront series...but in the end, it all just kinda...fell apart.

So upon seeing the rather substantial downloadable content pack announced today - which adds a number of the biggest/baddest heroes and villains from the books/movies, along with some new levels - we can't help but wonder whether this is the kind of stuff that should have been included on the disc, instead of nickel-and-dimed out a month after release?


Who knows. Just saying, it may have padded out the original product and made it slightly more tolerable, instead of hitting a digital marketplace and trying to appeal to customers who have long since abandoned the troubled game.

Those sticking with it, though, will be thrilled to see that this pack includes three new playable heroes (Arwen, Boromir and Gothmog) as well as two new levels (Amon Hen & Battle of the Last Alliance). The pack will be out this Thursday, and will cost 800 MS Points/$10.

Lord of the Rings: Conquest DLC Revealed [IGN]

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wait...wasn't the Battle of the Last Alliance the demo?