Looks Like There’s New Mass Effect 3 DLC on the Way

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Eurogamer reports that a new installment of single-player content is being made for Mass Effect 3.


The add-on is being crafted at BioWare Edmonton—as opposed to BioWare's new Montreal studio, where the Omega DLC was created—with all the writers who worked on Mass Effect 3 coming back.

A post by designer Jos Hendriks on BioWare's forums calls the new DLC an "all hands on deck" affair and tweets from various talent who've had a hand in BioWare's sci-fi series make it seem like this new chapter will be a big one.


I'm not a ME fan, so I know very little about the series. could somebody answer this extremely spoilery and possibly stupid question?


Commander Shepard dies at the end of ME3, doesn't s/he? Heroic sacrifice to save the galaxy, or something like that? If so, how can there be any more single-player DLC? The playable character is dead!

Unless... Is that like an interquel? New content that is supposed to take place before the end of ME3?