Nordic Games brings us what appears to be an Indiana Jones-esque first-person globe-trotting experience called Deadfall Adventures. Also involved: shooting and explosions aplenty.

In Deadfall, you play as Quatermain, an adventurer from 1938, whose job is to escort and guard Jennifer Goodwin, a US secret agent in search of an ancient artifact, The Heart of Atlantis. Together, they journey "across stormy deserts of Egypt to the icy depths of the Arctic and all the way to the steaming jungles of Guatemala," all the while keeping ahead of two other factions trying to get their hands on the artifact—you can probably guess by this point that these are the Nazis and the Russians.

Here's what the game looks like in motion. Developers The Farm 51, the Polish group behind NecroVision and Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, built Deadfall using Unreal Engine 3, the same engine powering the Borderlands games, DMC, and the new Thief. They hope to deliver "one of the most jaw-dropping spectacles this generation has enjoyed." That's quite the claim to live up to!


Deadfall Adventures is scheduled to come out for PC and Xbox 360 on September 27 (pushed back from July 30, the date mentioned in the trailer above). You can check out the box art and a few fresh screenshots below.

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