Look It's Minecraft Playing on an iPhone... Sorta

Minecraft - Pocket Edition, released for Android back in August, has finally made its way to the iPhone today. Keeping with the company's long history of never actually finishing the popular mining game, the iPhone version is listed as alpha build 0.1.2. That doesn't mean it's not worth getting, just that it's a work in progress.


Unlike the full-blown Minecraft, a game set for its first finished release later this week for PC, there are no exploding Creepers to worry about, or crafting, or day and night cycles or promise of adventure. Instead the iPhone version is simply a Minecraft Eden, a place to build and dig. And it works fairly well.

The game comes with 36 different blocks to work with, the ability to save your work on the iPhone or iPad and support for multiplayer worlds over a local Wifi connection.


The main reason I picked this up, though, is the promise of what's to come. I enjoy tinkering in Minecraft - Pocket Edition, but my completely baseless expectations are that it will improve quite a bit over time. I hope, though I don't know, that eventually we will get an adventure mode or the ability to export creations to the PC version. That would be grand.

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hmm.. nah I'd rather play this on an Xperia Play, a Vita, or a 3DS. At least they got buttons.

I wonder if the mobile versions have mod support and whatnot. Can you connect to random servers, LAN servers? What are the limitations compared to the PC version?

Alsom, I know this is offtopic and I apologize, but there seems to be a bug in the commenting system or something. I'm running google chrome. The "start a new thread" button has disappeared. Has anyone else experienced this? Perhaps it's just my browser being stupid?