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Look At This Shiba Inu Game

Year of the Dog is a slice-of-life game about owning a Shiba Inu in San Francisco, and it looks wonderful.


Seriously, look at these GIFs showcasing moments and gameplay, courtesy of developer @keanerie:


So idyllic~

Even the glitches look hilarious:


Some features listed on the Year of the Dog’s official website:

-12 interactive vignettes of dog ownership: Meet a furry friend, learn how to take care of him , and learn something about yourself

-Camera mode and photo album to capture and store all your memories

-Explore recreations of sections of San Francisco’s Outer Richmond district with your pal: locales like Sutro Baths, Land’s End, and more

-Encounter and get to know a neighborhood’s local characters: other dogs, other dog owners, and the local weirdos

-Minigame interludes between chapters provide fun asides and may even put you in the shoes (paws?) of the dog himself

-The story is structured an epistolary novel, following the emails between you and your partner overseas (who’s very concerned about how well you’re taking care of their dog)

-As you play, the emails to your partner are dynamically generated based on choices you made, leaving a unique record for each playthrough recounting details both banal (where the dog peed or pooped) and meaningful

-Learn what it’s like to own one of these bratdogs - those interested in getting a Shiba may consider this game’s contents as a warning

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Brian Stieh

As the owner of a Shiba Inu. You have to get them trained or they will just do what ever they want. They are cats with dog tendencies. Also when they get bored say goodbye to all your stuff.