Look At All These New Steam Games. There's A Hundred Of Them.

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In their latest Greenlight update, Valve revealed that they've reached a point where they'd like to stress test their system. And so they did—by letting through a hundred games. That's... quite a lot of games.

While putting together the list below, I had some time to look at the games and I must say, most of these look pretty damned interesting. We've got stuff here ranging from an atmospheric spear-fishing simulator to zombie survival games, fantasy adventure games, sandboxes and metroidvanias—hell, there's even an RPG where you're a washing machine. The variety here is simply amazing.

So, without any further ado, let's dig in. Here's the one hundred games freshly approved by the community:

And finally, here's a handful of games that got greenlit earlier this month.

So, who were you folks rooting for? Chime in below.

100 Titles Greenlit Today [Steam Greenlight]

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Has anybody here played Artemis? How many players do you have to have for it to work well? It looks amazing, but I'm not sure how many folks I could con into playing it with me.