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Look At All That Cash That Gears Of War Fans Raised For Charity

You can count on Gears of War fans when it comes to buying virtual goods in the name of doing good. Want proof? Epic Games' charity campaign tied to Gears of War 3 just raised over $150,000 for charity.


Microsoft Game Studios and Epic revealed at PAX 2010 that the "Fate of Carmine" campaign, which also determined the in-game fate of Gears of War 3's new recruit, raked in that impressive sum since July. The proceeds from virtual sales of "Save Carmine" and "Carmine Must Die" avatar t-shirts will go to Penny Arcade's Child's Play Charity organization.


Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski and Rod Fergusson share the good news, but keep Carmine's fate spoiler-free.

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$150,000? That's disgusting. Considering how much bonuses these guys made... at least they should've matched the donation by 10% (ie. they donate $15,000).

When I was still in PR back in the days, I could've done better without asking geeky "fans" to contribute.

There are so many ways these two bigheads could've helped the hospitals yet they did nothing. Fucking disgusting. If you really care about the children, you wouldn't simply make up avatar t-shirts (how much time it took you?) for virual sales (basically $0 cost) to benefit children. At least have your beloved MS donate some consoles to hospitals in the country.

Or better yet, don't drive your lamborghini for a couple weeks and donate the gas money to buy some consoles and games for the hospitals.


add: Kudos to the fans who purchased the items. Their efforts will be appreciated. What grinds my gear is that these two fuckheads basically get all the credits for not contributing anything significant.