More specifically, it is a survival horror-adventure game. Inspired by fairy tales and legends.


It is called Draugen—a name taken from a certain undead creature from Norse mythology. It was first presented by developer Red Thread Games last October, and it takes place in a small Norwegian fishing village in 1923. There's also... actually, let me just straight up copy this passage over. It's rather brilliantly written.

From time to time, a woman in black can be spotted in the distance. Who is she, and what is her connection to this place? Who is the little girl singing broken lullabies as the sky begins to darken? And when night falls, and those last few, precious drops of kerosene in the lamp feed a fragile, flickering flame, what hides out there in the darkness and in the cold, black sea?


That is beautiful in a kind of hair-raising supernatural way. The gameplay teaser, which was shared by Red Thread Games yesterday, offers some more scary moments:

Draugen is currently in the works for PC and current-gen consoles, and is expected to arrive in 2015. I can already hear the lets-players' screams.

Draugen - First Teaser Trailer [Red Thread Games@YouTube]

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