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London Ravaged By Aliens In City Of The Daleks

Illustration for article titled London Ravaged By Aliens In City Of The Daleks

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games start off with a bang with City of the Daleks. The BBC has revealed new details on the series' first episode, which begins in a destroyed London and ends on the Dalek home world.


Written by Phil Ford, City of the Daleks does exactly what fans would expect from a video game, presenting the sort of larger, more lavish adventures that would cost a fortune to produce for a live action television show. The episode opens with London in ruins, the new Daleks introduced in last weekend's Victory of the Daleks in control of time itself, and the Doctor's companion Amy the last remaining human on the planet.

From there the Doctor and Amy must travel to the Dalek home planet of Skaro in a last-ditch attempt to save the human race from extinction. Will they succeed?


Of course they will. It's the getting there that's fun.

"This is quite a series opener," says Phil Ford, writer, Doctor Who. "We destroy London even before the credits role - so you can only begin to imagine where we travel to from there. City of the Daleks is as big-budget as you can imagine: from London we head to Kaalann, the capital city of the Daleks, one constructed from pure anger and hate. And these new Daleks don't like to be messed with, so players are about to enjoy a new interactive episode which is as heart-pulsing as anything you've seen before."

And if you think that sounds exciting, the second episode features the Cybermen!

Check out the link below for a preview of the free adventure games, as well as more information on the continuing series.


Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Preview [Strategy Informer]

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The things I want to know of are...

1) System Requirements — Want to check to see how badly it'll grind my computer

2) Will the US get access to it alongside the UK audience? — I don't want to be forced to wait between 3-24 months because it's a "UK Exclusive".

...I'm already forced to wait 2 years for new Dr. Who episodes on PBS (may be too cheap to pick up cable / satellite, but it's commercial free & I get to see Dr. Who Confidential immediately afterwards).