Logitech's Top Streaming Webcam Gets An Upgrade

Since its introduction in January of 2012, Logitech’s C920 has been the go-to webcam for high definition streaming. Today it takes a backseat to the new C922, able to stream and record at 60 frames per second and dynamically remove the background from broadcasts.


It doesn’t feel like all that much of an upgrade initially. The C922 on my desk looks almost exactly the same as the C920 it replaced. The core difference is streaming and recording 720p at 60 frames per second, allowing for more fluid motion that keeps up with fast-paced gameplay (1080p is still locked at 30 frames per second, because no one wants to see your face that big).

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The other change is support for dynamic backround removal, powered by Personify. Turn it on and after a few seconds getting to know you it separates you from even the busiest backgrounds, as seen below.

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It’s doing a fair job, considering I have about 200 toys and multicolored shelving behind me. The key is lighting yourself from the front and top, but not the back. I need a stronger overhead lamp, as the camera likes to lose my hat. I need my hat.

The C922 comes in two models. The C922 sold at both Logitech and Best Buy comes with a three month premium subscription to Xsplit and a tiny tripod. The C922X, at Logitech and Amazon, ditches the tripod but ups the Xsplit membership to six months. Both models run $99.

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I have a 920. If I got the 922, is there any practical use for having two webcams hooked up? Is that even possible?