LocoRoco 2 And the Ouchie Bee Sting

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LocoRoco 2 is an awful lot like LocoRoco. Sure it has a German blob and swimming and a rhythm game, but all of that is just a few more cherries on what I've always felt was a wonderful sundae of a Playstation Portable game. I sped through a single level of the game at Tokyo Game Show earlier this week and quickly found myself falling back in love with the cute graphics and catchy nonsense music. The controls remain great and, unless my imagination was playing tricks on me, feel a bit more responsive than the first time through.The basic controls of the game remain the same. You're still tilting and bumping the playing field to get your LocoRoco to move around. There are still some hidden areas and the occasional enemy you have to either avoid or flatten with your globularness. I did stumble across what I believe is a new sort of creature. A bee of sorts that if you fail to avoid stings you. When your LocoRoco gets a sting a little red-tipped welt forms on the creature. Every time the LocoRoco rolls over his sticky-outtie bump he sort of cries. It's quite endearing and made me both laugh in surprise the first time and feel just a little bit bad. I also ran across a couple of the mini rhythm games. In them you have to tap a face button to a rhythm, trying to land a series of music notes which you collect for some reason unknown to me. Like I said, more of the same but in a very wonderful way.



Definitely getting it.

This game is pure simple fun. One of those games you can just turn the PSP on and play it anytime you're bored.