Llama Fetus Leads Ghost Recon: Wildlands Players On a Literal Witch Hunt

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The latest update for Ghost Recon: Wildlands contains a creepy Easter Egg that promises to send players on a witch hunt (literally).


Ubisoft’s open-world Tom Clancy shooter received a massive 8 GB update on June 30. “Title Update 5" brought several fixes and the introduction of the Tier 1 leveling feature. The patch notes also included a strange line in the audio section:

An unusual noise was heard near a ruined hut…

Players immediately began to speculate that this was the beginning of a good old-fashioned Easter Egg hunt; and that does indeed seem to be the case. Here’s what they’ve discovered so far.

Prior to Wildlands’ “Fallen Ghosts” DLC, Season Challenges were introduced to add new objectives for unlocking more gear. The sixth and final week of the Season 1 Challenges sent players searching for an abominable snowman, requiring them to locate five hints before summoning and killing the infamous El Yeti.

Today, players are still searching for clues related to the patch notes’ mention of the “ruined hut” with a specific starting point in mind. The Witch Market is a location in Libertad, and players travel here for the main game’s Marcus Jensen story mission. It seems like this is definitely the place you want to visit if you’re considering joining the witch hunt.

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The Witch Market is filled with lots of creepy décor, but one item is interactive: A llama fetus hangs outside one of the shops, and interacting with it will start some unique dialogue. “Locals believe they (llama fetuses) protect people from evil spirits,” one of your squad mates will offer. “Take some time to learn the local culture, and you’d be surprised.”


A church, graveyard, and an old hut are clustered together on the hill behind the shop where you poke at the llama fetus. The hut is labelled on the map as La Guardia Tres Brujas, and the description of the area says, “Three famous witches lived here before disappearing.”

The hut contains skeletons, more dead llamas, and a weird pedestal with a mounted pig’s head. Crows circle overhead. Overall, this place is super creepy at night. The walls and roof are all busted up, and the building can definitely be considered ruined.


Okay, so we have the hut. What now? Prior to Title Update 5 on June 30, you only had the creepy visuals at the hut, but now you can hear spooky whispering. All signs still point to an upcoming Easter Egg, and several YouTubers in the Wildlands community are searching for further clues. The locations are part of the core game, so you don’t need any DLC expansions to join the fun. Happy hunting!

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I’ve been on the fence with this game. Is it good? I’m almost done with mad max and I’d like another open world kinda game.