Live From CES It's Kotaku Walking Through Your Set

CES is packed with a lot of things. Things like technology, porn stars, video games, celebrities and live shows, shot on sets I can accidentally walk through.


What you missed
CES 2011 Can Only Get More Impressive After This
"I Made A Video Game Where You Can Blow Out A Man's Asshole"
This Is Portal 2 Played With A Magnetic Motion Controller
They've Added Hamlet To This Video Game
Could This Be the Perfect Portable Gaming PC?
Watch A $5,000 Game Controller Land A Plane In Las Vegas
Avatar Kinect's Silent Scream Hints At Enormous Potential
Fable For The Phone Is A Fun Round Of Coin Golf


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A tech guy's wet dream.. Do you have to have a press pass to get into this? Or is it open to the public?