Live Chat in the Comments with Jonathan Knight, Executive Producer, Visceral Games

Let's give a sound Kotaku welcome to our special guest, Jonathan Knight, Executive Producer at Visceral Games. Ask him about his work on the new EA game Dante's Inferno. You've got an hour...ready, set, comment! [More about Jonathan after the jump.]


Jonathan grew up playing games on the family Apple II that still sits in his office. He has been making computer and video games since 1994, after combining a software programming background with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Boston University, where he directed plays and studied the works of Shakespeare. He has worked for several major publishers, including Interplay, Activision, and Electronic Arts, where he has been since 2001. He has produced and directed for a number of key gaming franchises, including Star Trek, Quake, Wolfenstein, The Sims, and The Simpsons. He is currently a Vice President and Executive Producer at EA's Visceral Games studio, and has written, directed, and produced the highly anticipated video game Dante's Inferno.

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