LIVE At Ubisoft and Nintendo's Mysterious E3 Q&A Event

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This evening we're sitting in with Nintendo and its mystery guest, Ubisoft, for a question and answer session regarding . . . something? What could it be? Is this something related to the Wii U? Is it about a special Nintendo-exclusive Ubisoft game? Can you taste the suspense?

Using the power of liveblogging, read along as we figure out what was so important that Nintendo and Ubisoft had to keep us from heading directly to tonight's E3 parties. It better be good.

Follow along with our coverage to see what these two companies have in store in this bonus E3 2011 liveblog.


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Ubisoft. They're always the first developers when it comes to Nintendo's new hardware. Doesn't this mean they've actually shown more actual content than Nintendo themselves? Regardless, from what Ubi has to show this all sounds great. As a FPS player, I'm intrigued. As a primarily PC gamer, I hope it uses a wireless standard like bluetooth or wifi for the controller. *insert valve fps here* with this controller? Yes please.

Come on, I'd like to see just ONE 1st party game (even if it's just a trailer).